Therapeutic Pipeline

Combination bacTRL™ + antibody therapy

Symvivo’s H1 therapeutic program combines the power of antibody/antibody-drug-conjugate therapies with our bacTRL™ technology. This approach uses bacTRL™ to deliver target surface antigens to solid tumors, expanding the use of preexisting antibody therapeutics, providing alternate treatment options for patients with urgent unmet clinical needs.


Combination bacTRL™ + CAR T-cell therapy

Symvivo’s H2 therapeutic program is focused on extending the use of existing CAR T-cells into solid tumor indications. In addition, Symvivo is internally developing a universal CAR T-cell treatment for solid tumors that has no on-target/off-tumor side effects. We are developing novel surface antigens that work in synergy with these corresponding CAR T-cells. This program has the potential to be a step-function change in the way cancer will be treated.