Fundamentally changing the immuno-oncology drug development landscape.

From monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates to CAR-T cell therapies, the immuno-oncology industry focuses on identifying appropriate tumor specific antigens as a desired target.  Symvivo’s bacTRL™ platform removes this drug-development bottle-neck by delivering genetic material encoding any desired antigen or genes of interest exclusively to solid tumors with no off target gene delivery.

The ability to ‘decorate’ the surface of tumors with a given target has the potential to dramatically change the field of immuno-oncology.  Most importantly, we now have the ability to extend existing therapies into solid tumor indications, providing effective treatment options for patients with urgent unmet clinical needs.

Extending this approach, Symvivo is also designing and delivering custom synthetic antigens that are not present in the human body, with unique binding and internalization capabilities.  These exogenous antigens enable the development of new, highly efficacious and safer technologies by removing dose limiting on-target/off-tumor side effects inherent to existing immuno-oncology therapies.